ALL 750 SOLD OUT ~ Series III ~The critically acclaimed obverse designs of the Series I and Series II combined. ~ 1 Toz Proof .999 Fine Silver; One Troy Ounce. Max 750.


The Series III has a limited edition of 750. That said, we will probably run no more than 250 of this series.  50 are already spoken for from one buyer. 

The 2017 Trump Inaugural Commemorative takes the beautiful obverse designs of the Series I and the Series II and combines them into one gorgeous proof .999 fine silver commemorative. All orders come with:

  • Series III pure silver medal; 1Toz
  • Coin Protector
  • Velvet Display Box
  • Large 5″ X 5″ COA (Certificate of Authenticity)
  • Large 5″ X 5″ COA Protective Envelope

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The series I 2017 inaugural medals sold out in less than three weeks. The series II is now 90% sold out. Both products have won critical acclaim from every corner of the market.

This new SERIES III Presidential Commemorative takes the best of both and combines them into one amazingly gorgeous, limited edition collectible. Only 750 of these will be made for the entire planet. Critics have stated this medal will be traded decades and even centuries from now. Why? Because EVERY detail that went into it`s making was the best the industry has. The details, quality and historical nature of this piece makes it a COLLECTIBLE in every sense of the word.


  • Artwork by Master Sculptor Luigi Badia (Read below)
  • Created in Pure .999 Proof Silver.
  • Individually Numbered and Edge-Marked (Read below)
  • Individual Numbered Certificates of Authenticity, Coin Protectors and Attractive Velvet Display Boxes for all Orders.

Not your everyday commemorative.  With works in numerous public monuments in both the United States and Italy, Master Sculptor Luigi Badia is one of the most accomplished living sculptors of our time.

Italian-American Luigi Badia is a globally recognized and accomplished sculptor with more than 40 years experience. Luigi has created public monuments in both the United States and Italy, provided coin designs and models for the United States Mint, 32 portrait sculpts for the National Basketball Hall of Fame, IGPC World Cup Medals, Miss Universe, George Bush Sr., Pope John Paul II, Pope Francis, and Pope Benedict. Master Luigi Badia was awarded the highest honor by receiving the commission to create a portrait sculpt of Queen Elizabeth II (as the Longest Reigning Monarch) and then commissioned again to create another portrait for Queen Elizabeth II for her 90th birthday.

Luigi`s initials (LB) are displayed on President Trump`s tuxedo lapel.

The reverse was created to provide a very striking and visually appealing design with the Inauguration Date, the Weight and Purity of the coin (medal), the Limited Edition Total of 750 Minted, the creators initials (PPD), and the words “AMERICA`S 45TH PRESIDENT” and “HISTORY IS MADE” circling the perimeter.

  1. Individually Edge-marked Medals (Unusual and rare):

“THE BOISTEROUS SEA OF LIBERTY IS NEVER WITHOUT A WAVE”  #0XXX (Unique Serial Number).                        

Every medal is edge-marked along the perimeter as above. These details are individually engraved through special edge-marking equipment operated by skilled technicians. Edge-marking makes use of a space typically USED for coin ridges.

Edge-marking is expensive and requires more labor and specialized equipment. Dies are used to make the obverse (front) and reverse (back) of coins and medallions. By adding edge-marking, the die costs increase by almost 50%. Edge-marking requires a third die be designed and manufactured for special edge engravings. Edge-marking is a labor-intensive process as each coin must be placed and removed individually into the edge-marking equipment in a precise position or the coin will be ruined (and scrapped). The time requirement to mint a coin or medallion with edge-marking more than doubles since the edges cannot be engraved until after the coin has been fully coined (minted) with both the obverse and reverse designs. Few mints own edge-marking equipment or have skilled engravers to handle the tedious process.

  1. Individually Numbered/Serialized Coins (Unusual and Rare)

These medallions have a second edge-marking with the “coin`s” serial number engraved (001 – 750). Our engravers had to handle every coin by hand a second time utilizing a different engraving machine which required additional skill and precision. Each coin`s serial number was applied after the coin was fully minted and after the first edge marking was engraved.

  1. Individually Numbered Certificates of Authenticity    

Each medal comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each certificate is numbered with the same serial number as each medal. These are heavy card-stock certificates on quality paper. They include information concerning the specifications on this limited edition series.


The 2016 election season was arguably the most historic and contentious election in United States history. The fact that Donald Trump won the Whitehouse was a huge surprise to many and has caused more political debates worldwide than any other United States presidential election. Never before had a “non-establishment” outsider risen to such power in American politics. Time will tell the efficacy of President Trump`s legacy in United States politics but everyone understands these historic times will be written about and lectured about decades and even centuries from now. Forget about political beliefs or partisan opinions; THIS IS HISTORY.

Revolutionary Mint is proud to commemorate this unprecedented and historical Presidential Inauguration. We hope you enjoy your collectable medallions and will pass them on to generations that will read about this historical period and election in United States History books.



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